The Success Stories from our satisfied customers are very valuable to us.

We have worked hard to provide the highest quality skin-care product in Cutis Vita. Below are just a few comments from satisfied Cutis Vita customers.

By the end of the summer, my feet are a total mess; cracked, dry and neglected. I have tried everything on my feet without lasting results. When I first got this cream, I tried it on my feet. This worked a small miracle. In three days they were healed and I mean deep cracks that hurt! Then I started using it on my face and I noticed that it felt smoother and softer. I use it on my elbows and hands as well. A little bit goes a long way. It doesn’t have a heavy perfume smell but a light citrus fragrance. I am very satisfied with this cream and will let you know how my wrinkles are doing! I have been using this cream a little over a month and notice that lines are becoming less noticeable. Thank you for making this natural product.

S.J. – California 

I have never really been a fan of moisturizer. Being a man I used to have calluses on my hands, damaged cuticles, fairly dry skin on my knees and elbows and the skin my face was perpetually dry. Most lotions left an oily residue, had strong perfumes and I could not use them on my face without irritation. I was extremely skeptical when introduced to Cutis Vita. I first tried it on my hands and it felt good. It was not oily and smelled good too. I continued using it on my hands for a few days and my calluses began to soften. I tried it on my knees and elbows and found that it cleared up the dry cracked skin there as well. For the final test I put a small amount on my face before bed. The next morning I was surprised to find that it had not irritated my skin at all. You must understand that my face had been irritated by some types of soaps, shaving cream and every lotion I had ever tried. I was excited that I had found a moisturizer that I could use on my face! Thank you for providing such a wonderful product. Cutis Vita is the best moisturizer I have ever used! I will not use anything else, ever.

Thanks again!
Anonymous – California

I’m writing you to tell you that I love your cream. I’ve tried many other creams out there, and not one of them compares to yours. I couldn’t believe that it actually is working on my stretch marks! I have had two kids by cesarean and my stretch marks were horrible! A friend told me about your cream and told me to get some. I was skeptical at first, but I tried it and it felt very good, and the sent, was awesome, very light and nice, I never liked the creams that had heavy scents. After about using your cream for one week I started seeing dramatic results! I was amazed, my stretch marks were actually going away!

Thank You So Much!
J.F.C. – California

I am writing to tell you how amazed I was with your Advanced Skin Revitalizing Cream. I have always been embarrassed about how my hands and feet looked and felt. I have been trying different creams and lotions for years, looking for that perfect solution to younger and vibrant skin. I always wanted nice skin, and found with other creams that after I used them more than once or twice I was worse off than I was before I started it. Not with yours! I started to see the improvement right away, and after only a few days of using it I noticed that my skin only improved with every use. I now carry a little bit with me wherever I go, because you never know when the dryness may hit. I am on my way to that perfect skin I wanted!

M.J. – California

Hello, thank you for making such a wonderful product. It’s so hard to find a product with as much quality as yours. And have it produce results as well! Just letting you know that your product has handled my dry skin!

Anonymous – California

Being from Arizona I think everyone suffers from dry skin. A friend introduced me to your product who has been using it. She had extremely dry skin before using it, so I tried it being that it had worked for her. I could instantly feel the relief it gave me. I used it on my hands. My hands had some small cracks in them from being so dry and having to use latex gloves at work. After about a week just using your product once a day my hands were healed! I was amazed, I was truly amazed that I had found a real product that I could actually say that I loved!

Arizona – USA

Just wanted to let you know, that my daughters skin had gotten so dry that she had been scratching her arms raw. They were red and scabby and we thought it was a rash or something. But I realized it was just due to how dry it’s been. Anyway, I started using Cutis Vita and it cleared up amazingly within almost a day and now 3 days later you can barely tell anything was wrong. I’ve been applying it on her every day and it’s really amazing!

Kimberly – California

This cream is great! It cured my husbands cracked finger overnight!

Anonymous – USA

I just wanted to email you to let you know, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!! I feel it works better than La Mer… I’m finally happy with a product that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg…

Irene – USA