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• What is different about Cutis Vita from other skin care products?
Cutis Vita’s formula is all natural and does not contain any harmful chemical ingredients nor does it contain any synthetic fragrances. Many skin care products use ingredients such as Propylene Glycol, which is one of the main ingredients in Anti-Freeze and has been found to be harmful to the skin. They also use fragrances, which are synthetic chemicals and may or may not be safe. For your protection we intentionally avoided these potentially harmful ingredients.
• What are some of the things Cutis Vita is good for?
Cutis Vita contains approximately 65% pure Aloe Barbadensis Miller leaf juice. Aloe Barbadensis Miller has been found to help with the following conditions:
Allergic Rash
Athlete’s Foot
Chapped Lips
Chapped Skin
Chemical Burns
Chemical Peel
Cradle Cap
Diaper Rash
Fungal Infection
Insect Bites
Radiation Burns
Ring Worm
Itching Skin
Poison Ivy
Sdivetch Marks
Varicose Veins
Very Dry Skin
Wind Burn
• What is the “base” ingredient in Cutis Vita?
While most moisturizers and skin care products start with water as their base, Cutis Vita is made with a pure Aloe Barbadensis Miller base. Most products containing Aloe only contain a concentration of 10 – 20 percent; Cutis Vita is approximately 65 percent pure Aloe Barbadensis Miller leaf juice. There is no additional water in Cutis Vita making it extremely concentrated and very effective.
• What is Aloe Barbadensis Miller?
Aloe Barbadensis Miller is one of over 180 different species of the Aloe plant. It thrives under specific environmental conditions, and thus is not readily available. Thousands of studies have been conducted on Aloe and Aloe Barbadensis Miller in particular. These studies have uniformly concluded that Aloe Barbadensis Miller contains the greatest concentrations of skin healing properties, including pain killing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents.
• Why Aloe “juice?”
The juice from the Aloe plant is slightly green in color. It has a bitter taste and not nearly as thick as the gel. When applied to the skin it is almost completely absorbed and leaves little or no residue. The Juice contains all of the healing agents that are attributed to the Aloe plants near magical properties.
• What about Aloe gel?
Scientific studies have found that Aloe gel has little or no value to the human body. It is a clear substance that when applied to the skin feels sticky and leaves a residue. The skin absorbs very little of the gel and it does not contain the same agents found in the Aloe juice.
• Cutis Vita would not be better than an Aloe plant itself, would it?
Many benefits can be obtained from using pure Aloe straight from the plant, however Cutis Vita contains Aloe Barbadensis Miller, the most potent species of Aloe. Due to Aloe Barbadensis Miller’s strict environmental needs it only grows in a very few regions of the world. Aloe Barbadensis Miller is the exact same species used in burn centers on 2nd and 3rd degree burn victims. Cutis Vita also contains many other ingredients to nourish your skin and stimulate your skins natural healing ability. These ingredients include ginseng, yucca, comfrey, fennel, green tea, shea butter, and many others.
• Can I use Cutis Vita on my face?
Yes. Cutis Vita can be used on your face. Cutis Vita is mild enough for your face, yet effective in treating the worst dry skin. Apply Cutis Vita to your face after cleansing and prior to applying make-up. Gently massage Cutis Vita into your skin for 15 – 30 seconds leaving your skin moist, fresh and vibrant.
• What about Calluses, Dry cracked heals, knees and elbows?
Cutis Vita was created using natural ingredients that have been used to heal the skin for thousands of years. Severe cases of dry skin are easily cleared up within a week or two. Additional applications are recommended for problem areas. Cracked heals are softened preventing further damage and allowing the ingredients to repair the skin. Calluses are softened and eliminated soon after. Flaky knees and elbows are softened and nourished restoring healthy skin texture, color and tone.
• Can I use Cutis Vita on my Child?
Of course, Cutis Vita is mild enough for even the most sensitive skin. The main ingredient, Aloe Barbadensis, has been clinically proven to help relieve diaper rash and many skin irritations. Cutis Vita was formulated to restore your skins natural balance of nutrients without causing irritation.
• Can men use Cutis Vita?
Yes. Anyone can use Cutis Vita. It is not gender sensitive nor does it contain any perfumes. Its scent is very mild and is derived from Tangerines, Mandarin Oranges, Grapefruits and Lemons. Men who perform manual labor, such as construction workers, have found relief from dry, calloused, irritated skin by using Cutis Vita.
• Can different ethnicities use Cutis Vita?
Yes. People of all races have found Cutis Vita to be one of the most beneficial skin care products available today. Cutis Vita is effective on all types of skin.
• How does Cutis Vita help with Acne?
The main ingredient in Cutis Vita is Aloe Barbadensis Miller, which has been clinically proven to contain natural agents that fight infection and kill bacteria. Acne is the result of bacteria growing in clogged pores. Cutis Vita will not clog your pores and will penetrate deep into your skin killing the bacteria and helping to clear up acne. Wash your face with a mild soap, preferably one without moisturizers, then apply a small amount of Cutis Vita to your entire face massaging in gently until it is completely absorbed. Continue this once or twice a day. For severe or persistent cases of acne please consult a licensed practitioner.
• Can Cutis Vita really help with stretch marks?
Aloe Barbadensis Miller has been found to accelerate regeneration of skin cells, increase the skins natural elasticity, repair damaged skin and restore the skins natural color and tone. Many Studies have found that Aloe Barbadensis Miller can reduce the appearance of scars and blemishes. Aloe Barbadensis Miller is the main ingredient in Cutis Vita. For the reasons stated above Cutis Vita is also very effective at preventing stretch marks from appearing at all. May pregnant women have had success at preventing these marks from appearing by using Cutis Vita several times a day throughout pregnancy.
• Is Cutis Vita tested on animals?
No. Cutis Vita is not tested on animals. Cutis Vita is a cruelty free product.
• What percentage of Aloe Vera does Cutis Vita contain?
Cutis Vita is approximately 65 percent pure Aloe Barbadensis Miller juice by volume. Unfortunately it can be difficult to determine the exact aloe content of other products because the regulations can be vague. For instance, a product claiming to be “100% pure Aloe Vera” is only required to contain 2.5% pure Aloe as long as the other 97.5% is composed of “natural spring water.” Most Aloe products available today only contain 10 to 20 percent Aloe, which has been determined to be insufficient to have any effect on the skin. Cutis Vita is NOT watered down and contains a concentration far above industry standards.